President’s office rebuffs report that plan being hatched to remove GECOM Chairman


See below full statement issued by the Ministry of the Presidency:

President Granger abides by the Constitution

– rejects Nandlall’s wicked and spurious statement

Georgetown, Guyana (July 14, 2020): The Ministry of the Presidency rejects outrightly the wicked and highly outrageous statement issued to the media by Mr. Anil Nandlall captioned, “The sanctimonious gangster on the prowl… and the clinical insanity continues…” and which accuses President David Granger of hatching a plan to remove Chairman of the Elections Commission, Justice (ret’d) Claudette Singh from the helm of the Commission.

Mr. Nandlall’s accusations are dishonest, malevolent, and dangerous and based on spurious and unsubstantiated fiction.

This statement is clearly aimed at creating panic and confusion amongst the citizenry.  The Ministry, therefore, calls on every right-thinking Guyanese to reject this statement and to condemn Mr. Nandlall for his attempt to instigate fear and confusion in the country.

President Granger has repeatedly said and demonstrated that he respects the integrity and autonomy of the Elections Commission and that he would abide by any declaration that the Chairman makes in keeping with the laws of Guyana.

The Ministry of the Presidency calls on Mr. Nandlall to retract his baseless and irresponsible assertions.

  1. Stuart Robinowitz says

    Mr. Granger and his few supporters will move hell and heaven to remain in power. Why can’t they accept their loss and move on and enjoy their lives with the millions of the country’s money.

  2. Mahabir Singh says

    You are wrong Mr Granger and you are a blantan dictator band nothing else. You have screwed the Guyanese people and try to remain in power as all stinking dictators. Noone ever eliminated 100,000 plus in an election anywhere. You have no balls and you are a power hungry despotic dictator nothing else. You remain in power for one year longer to chest the people only your supporters who hate real democracy and the power of the laws will support a guy like you. You put your corrupted election officials to keep you in power. You are a useless army person who is a hungry dictator and goes against the will of the people to take over power. Burhnam is laughing in the graves at the fools in the opposition that accept this monster. You real buddies are Maduro Amin Burnham Mugabe Hilter and Stalin.

  3. Mahabir Singh says

    Mr. Granger wants to stay in power for life as he stayed in power for 12 months longer and remaining power for another 4 months even though he knew he lost like hell no other country that believes in a democracy does this. Leaders who lost give up power because it is the decent thing to do but this guy wants to stay in power as long as he can and his buddies are propping him up in the courts outside everywhere so he is shameless. Indos Burnham is now back from the grave don’t ever trust this guy Granger you are making the worst mistake of your life.

  4. Dav Sunde says

    Sir Anil is just speaking the truth.

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