Canada says will use ‘all tools at our disposal’ to hold accountable those who prevent declaration of recount results


See below full statement issued by the Government of Canada:

July 15, 2020 – Ottawa, Ontario – Global Affairs Canada

“Canada strongly regrets the extended delay in declaring election results in Guyana, a delay that has now lasted more than four months since elections were held on March 2.

“We support calls by the Organization of American States, the Caribbean Community [CARICOM], the Commonwealth, the Caribbean Court of Justice and civil society organizations to announce the results based on the national recount, as validated by the CARICOM observer mission.

“In the interest of the democratic rights of the people of Guyana, Canada firmly maintains that the rule of law and democratic processes must be respected and a declaration be announced without further delay.

“Canada will continue to work with its partners in the international community, using all tools at our disposal, to demand a swift and transparent conclusion to the election process and hold accountable those who prevent it.”

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  1. Mahabir Singh says

    All countries sanction this dictator Granger please he is just trying to remain in power and spit on democracy and the votes of the people are trying to eliminate them using his buddies and cronies.

  2. Don Gomes says

    Thank you Canada.We need the support to banish this venal body of politicians who got caught red handed in the act of stealing the election .
    So we know the facts.
    Thank you for all the good social tidings you have given our nation.
    I trust that you will continue to do so as soon as Ali becomes the new President.
    Then all of Guyana will benefit.No one will be left behind.
    We are but less than a million people,and we will find our own solution.
    Please turn a deaf ear to the vile insults by the apnu/afc pretending ” ministers”
    Remember they do not represent all of us.
    Thank you again.God Bless Prime Minister Tredeau and his government..

  3. seupersaud Toka says

    The seven sins according to Mahatma Gandhi G. Wealth without work, Pleasure without conscience, Knowledge without character, commerce without morality, Science without humanity Religion without sacrifice , Politics without Principle

  4. Yvette says

    This is indeed politics without principle. I am embarrassed to see they way countries i once respected are getting on the bandwagon of fraud and deception that the PPP has spun. Are you even aware that we have a constitution and that this matter has been ruled upon the carribean court of justice? Are you aware that the matter is once again in the court. If the president was the villain you claim he is do you think he would have agreed to a recount in the first place? Oh no the fact that many are on this bandwagon of fraud does not mean they are correct. Many have held the black man in slavery for years, even in their own country and we all know that this was wrong. If there is any decency in you,go do your research. Find out what is really going on . Or are you a party to the raping of Guyana and it’s people.

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