‘Granger is in charge of the conspiracy to rig the elections’ – PPP


See below full statement issued by the Opposition People’s Progressive Party:

The Statement issued by the Government of Guyana, in response to the decision by the United States Department of State, is classic David Granger at work. Guyanese are well aware of the deceptive strategy of Granger, that is to say, remaining in the background and orchestrating his minions, including Ministers of his Government, candidates and leaders of his political party, his Commissioners at GECOM and even his party supporters, to front his unconstitutional, undemocratic, illegal and sinister political agenda, and when they are exposed, he appears in the public with a glib denial of any wrongdoing and repeats his sanctimonious pledge to obey the Constitution, to adhere to the rule of law, to comply with Court rulings and to promise non-interference with the operation at GECOM.

This is exactly the approach reflected in the Government’s Statement issued today. The Statement denies that the Coalition Government is undermining the electoral process and urges all “to await the logical conclusion of it, which is being managed by the Elections Commission, in accordance with the Constitution of Guyana”.

Guyana, the Caribbean and indeed, the Western Hemisphere can bear testimony, first hand, to Granger and his Government’s multiple, transparent and vulgar attempts at undermining the electoral process and interfering with GECOM in the discharge of its mandate in conducting elections and declaring the legal results of those elections.

Only yesterday one of his minions filed legal proceedings seeking Orders from the High Court to compel GECOM to declare perverted results of the elections, so that Granger can steal the next Government.

No doubt, Mr. Granger is the intellectual author and is in charge of the conspiracy to rig the March 2nd 2020 Election. Not once has he condemned the naked fraud attempted by Clairmont Mingo and Keith Lowenfield.  In fact, he and his Ministers have all embraced them and they still do.

Every one of his Ministers are on record, in Guyana and overseas, canvassing support for their blatant attempts to corrupt the electoral process and defending those who are directly carrying out this illicit design.

These Ministers include Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, Joseph Harmon, Raphael Trotman, Cathy Hughes, Khemraj Ramjattan and others. They have all hurled vitriolic abuses at every person and organisation, locally, regionally and internationally, who dared to criticize their conduct.

These sanctions were long intimated. Granger and his Cabal mocked those who spoke of them. Now that the sanctions have finally come, he sanctimoniously pleads his and his Government’s innocence. Everyone acquainted with the facts would agree that the sanctions are justified, in the circumstances.

July 15th, 2020

  1. Mahabir Singh says

    The crooked president Granger is smart like a wasp as he put his cronies in power all over the place to rig the election. He is a bold power hungry stinking dictator who hold the people Guyana hostage. He even remain in power for an extra year as dictators do to using tataics of corruption and illegally take over the corridors of power. His ministers are crooked as they get following the most crooked man in Guyana after Burhnam his idol. The opposition cannot accept this thief conman dictator and strongman. He is not fit to govern even a donkey. Real leaders take there loses and move on . Criminals and power hungry dictators are different they corrupt using the corrupted officials to put themselves in power.The power must start protesting s blood sucking corrupted leader President and a smart dictator who wants to be in power at all cost even going to lengths that he believes he is invincible but he is wrong the will of the people will as he is a real coward and s lousy leader who cannot accept his losses and democracy is in jeopardy in Guyana.

  2. errol says

    Granger has lost all respect of the Caribbean and world. He will die with disrespect from his own people. His name will mean nothing. The minister that surrounds him should be Jailed or punish by the law for such actions.

  3. Gersham Alexander says

    So is Granger got the dead people to vote and allowed others to vote in the names of persons who overseas??? What morbid hypocrisy, double standards and corruption.

  4. Jai says


  5. Don Gomes says

    Indeed.He is bright ,intelligent and calculated.
    He is no fool.He has constructed the entire process and created his obedient followers.
    They are clumsy but dedicated and as such they are bent on staying in power,even if it under the cloak of the President.
    This must not succeed as they are evil.
    Good always over come evil….even if it cost blood to flow.
    Perhaps the fear of a civil war is more that the war itself.
    Each of us Guyanese must fight for our rights and lives.
    God help us all.

  6. Mahabir Singh says

    THE PPP/Civic is saying the correct thing the Granger Govt and there paid crooks are undermining the democratic institutions of Guyana. Granger lost lie hell and the recounts are the only valid results but he and his corrupted officials and these power-grabbing Ministers and PM are prolonging their power as long as they could. They are shameless corrupted and fraud artists. No Govt in the world does except power-hungry dictators remain in power after election 4 more months after remain illegally for one year to bolster his corrupted ambitions. The APNU lost by 15,000 votes you don’t have to know maths to accept that. Granger is not a real leader a corrupted monster and a power-hungry dictator and wants to steal the election in the jaws of defeat. Burnham, Hilter. Amin, Mugabe Maduro, and Stalin are his real buddies. Noone in the democratic countries should ever accept as a ruler a leader or even a President Granger is a conman a criminal and a master mind of corruption.

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