Granger’s Gov’t says ‘regrets’ visa sanctions


See full statement from the Government of Guyana:

Gov’t regrets decision by US Department of State

Georgetown, Guyana (July 15, 2020): The Executive arm of Government regrets the decision taken by the United States Department of State.

The matter affecting the outcome of Guyana’s elections is still before courts, which is entirely the responsibility of the judiciary. No declaration has been made.

The Executive Branch has not participated in the undermining of the electoral process and urges all countries interested in Guyana’s development to await the logical conclusion of the process which is being managed by the Elections Commission, in accordance with the Constitution of Guyana.

The Executive arm has not interfered in the functioning of the Elections Commission.


  1. Mahabir Singh says

    The USA is correct as dictator Granger remain power for 18 months defying everything goes to court and much as he can to steal elections a real leader will give to up power as he lost like hell by 15,0000 votes and dozens of organizations and fair-minded people said so and monitor the process and even black countries such as Caricom know this but he is a dictator all his supporters do not like the results and real democracy and want to support a strongman that demolish democracy. These party challenges are waste you lost and your corrupted officials have been the most corrupted and fraudulent in the history of Guyana. IF it was the PPP in power they would give up not stretch an ego of a horrible leader to remain as a black dictator we have enough of them. More countries should follow as Idos around have to deal with these dictators who do not ever want to give up power but there is a greater power will take care of you worst than the COVID-19.

    1. Raj says

      Mahabir Singh , your bitterness have overcome your intelligence , that is , if you have any. Caricom are not black countries. It is best to educate yourself before posting stupid comments.

  2. uma says

    let the SANCTIONS begin

  3. Matthew says

    Whatever…….the riggers are jus’ too clever…..they even fooled the PNC…..PNC don’t know nuttin about nuttin and nuttin bout no riggin’.

    1. John D. says

      Medicore Mind!

  4. Terry Ramlagan says

    Granger and His “Henchmen” are the chief architects behind the of the Democratic trajectory in Guyana since the Passing of the No-Confidence Vote years ago. How can He lie to his supporters and the rest of the Guyanese People and then put on His very best and go to Church?

  5. Terry Ramlagan says


  6. John D. says

    And while the US is at it, The Canadian goverment should BAR Lisa Punch from ever entering Canada for her disrespect to the Canadian High Commissioner, Lilian Chaterjee.

  7. Ray Dean says

    APNU spokespersons are constantly telling their followers that the Recount process found loads of PPP fraud but they do not mention this in their applications to the court because they know it’s a lie. They must be challenged publicly on this point because this rhetoric has the potential to cause unrest in the country when the verdicts are pronounced. Justice must be done and also seen to be done. If their followers are left believing that PPP won because of fraud, it will lead to serious problems for the poor and defenceless PPP supporters. This must be addressed in court to stop APNU agents from continuously lying about PPP fraud. There should be some injunction or treat of penalty for incitement to violence and disunity in the country through by spreading blatant lies. The is a really important point.

  8. Don Gomes says

    This narrative is no longer acceptable.
    You are now blatantly lying.
    I shame.It is so embarrasing.
    Executive branch of government = granger.
    I am no longer listening to your lies.
    You lie and now you want to steal the election with all the people in Guyana along with the country.
    I rebuke you!
    What did you learn from your religion?

  9. Mikep says

    Ray Dean is absolutely on target. The coalation’s line that both processes – Using Statements of Polls ( SOP) which was signed off by ALL party representatives at Polling Stations AND Statements of Recounts ( SOR) again Certified and endorsed by the accredited Observer Caricom team- concluded that the opposition won- produced Fraudulent results is an EXTREMELY dangerous position to take. They do not want to go the legal route to challenge the results through an Elections Petition to the High Court because this would mean that the opposition candidate will first have to be declared the winner !!

  10. Ray Dean says

    Basically,the APNU Executives are using the same rhetoric that were used to spark genocide in Rwanda in 1994 where hundreds of thousands were murdered. Yesterday Mr Aubrey Norton told reporters that the PPP killed many Guyanese extra-judicially and that the Recount process uncovered widespread PPP fraud. This is not only liable for deformation charges but it is also extremely dangerous for communal relations. This kind of wild accusations could lead to a massacre in Guyana in which the police steps aside and allow their supporters who believe these lies to kill people with impunity. This danger must be addressed urgently on all fronts including tomorrow in the court case. If people are killed, then these instigators must be warned they will be held accountable.

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