PSC again calls on GECOM to declare winner of elections using recount results


See full statement from the Private Sector Commission (PSC) below:

The Private Sector Commission (PSC) served as an Accredited Observer along with other Accredited Local Observer Groups and Organizations, the International Diplomatic Community, representing the ABC&E countries and the International Observers, with the exception of the Carter Center who were denied entry into Guyana by the Coalition Government.

The Private Sector Commission fielded Observers throughout the entire period of the Recount, at every Work Station, all day, every day.

The Private Sector Commission, while recognizing minor administrative difficulties, found the process of the Recount to have been efficiently conducted and authentic.

The Private Sector Commission noted, as did the CARICOM Report, the frequently aggressive, and, at times, obnoxious, if not bizarre, behavior by Agents representing APNU+AFC at the various Work Stations, but, who, nevertheless, were unable to document any material complaints to question the process.

The Private Sector Commission, as did all of the National and International Observers, found the Recount results to be valid and entirely credible.

The Private Sector Commission was pleased to endorse, without reservation, the observation of the CARICOM Scrutineers, that “the objections raised by the APNU+AFC” were not “materially relevant to the recount of the ballot” and that there was “no evidence as to who were the ultimate beneficiaries of the alleged ‘ghost voting’ and voter impersonation”.

The Private Sector Commission, in all of these circumstances, has no hesitation in demanding of GECOM, to proceed to make a declaration using the recounted results of the General and Regional Elections as soon as is practical and expect David Granger to tell his supporters the truth and to concede.

We also would like to extend deep appreciation to CARICOM, the OAS, the European Union and the Commonwealth, the Carter Center and to the ABCE countries that join us in this struggle to preserve and protect democracy and the rule of law in Guyana.

  1. Matthew says

    Thank you PSC and Riggers begone! You have tried and failed to ruin the Country.

  2. Don Gomes says

    Soon this action we desire to complete the declaration may not be needed.
    Apnu/afc ….all concerned….all consumed. Knock got knock back.
    Let the games begin!

  3. Mahabir Singh says

    Granger and his bandits don’t want to give he lost like but he his corrupted officials are make 100 excuses to main in power. This is what dictators do they go against the will of the and find all kind of reason to remain in power. The recount was legal and authentic but Granger and his goons want power at the expense of the Guyanese people. The international observers the Caribbean court already made there valid decisions by President is just another poet hungry dictator who want power and is not giving up so he is a horrible leaders and in history is the worst like his buddy Burnham and some of the other despots Amin Mugabe Maduro Stalin and Hilter. The international community sanctions this guy and all his corrupted officials and party associates for life.

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