U.S. Congressmen say world ‘completely unified’ in call for recount results to be declared


Today, Congressman Albio Sires (D-NJ) and Congressman Gregory Meeks (D-NY), Chairman and Vice Chair respectively of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, Civilian Security, and Trade, issued the following statement in support of democracy in Guyana:

“As friends of Guyana who recently traveled to the country in January, we urge the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to promptly issue a Declaration of Results based on the results of the national recount. CARICOM, the Organization of American States, diplomatic missions, and domestic civil society organizations all confirmed that the recount was completed in a professional and transparent manner, providing the basis for a Declaration of Results.

We strongly support the multilateral efforts made to support the people of Guyana throughout this process, which have been led by CARICOM and supported by the U.S. Embassy, the European Union, the Canadian and British High Commissions, and the Organization of American States. While we do not endorse President Trump’s and Secretary Pompeo’s unilateral approach to conducting foreign policy around the world, we stand with our career diplomats and with the international community, which is completely unified in calling for the immediate Declaration of Results based on the recount.

We condemn all efforts to undermine the credibility of the March 2nd election, including recent actions taken by the Chief Elections Officer to effectively disenfranchise thousands of voters and manipulate the vote count.

We fully support GECOM Chairwoman Claudette Singh’s decision to dismiss all of the Chief Elections Officer’s fraudulent reports and are confident that she will declare a winner based on the actual vote count, as certified through the recount process. Guyana’s leaders must prioritize national unity and the long-term health of Guyana’s democratic institutions and abide by the will of the Guyanese people, as reflected in the recount results.

We commend the people of Guyana for their remarkable patience over the last four months, but they have waited far too long. GECOM must promptly issue a Declaration of Results and begin the democratic transition process.”

  1. Matthew says

    hehehehe…the whole world has not come up against the CEO of GECOM before. As he says…..”I cain’t count well, but my friend Clairmont helps me out with maths….Clairmont is a genius”.

  2. Mahabir Singh says

    The us congressman are correct as the president of Guyana must relinquish power as he lost by over 15,000 votes and fixing the results and by time is making a mockery of the election and the process. His conmen and corrupted officials that are bias towards the APNU must quit. The organizations like OAS caricom the USA Canada England and other organizations have already spoken to the president of Guyana to give up the election which showed that he lost by over 15,000 votes. No shingagan and no trial a hundred of times by court you lost be a man or a real leader not a hungry dictator and let democracy takes place. You have illegally remain in power for twelve months and prolong your power grabbing self for 4 more months to destroy democracy. Only dictators do this. All govts should sanction Guyana seriously as this guy does not want give up power and is screwing up a Democratic country with false actors and crockery. You are not a real man or leader you are useless dictator that loves power at all cost.

  3. Don Gomes says

    Thank you for your concern.

  4. Ray Dean says

    The APNU Executive Aubrey Mr Norton is using the same lies that were used to spark genocide in Rwanda in 1994 where hundreds of thousands were murdered. Yesterday Mr Norton said that the PPP killed many Guyanese extra-judicially and that the Recount process uncovered widespread PPP fraud. This is not only liable for a deformation charges but it is also extremely dangerous for communal relations. This kind of rhetoric could lead to a massacre in Guyana if this is not addressed on all front urgently including tomorrow in the court case.

  5. Klem says

    Did the whole world and that piece of garbage for a congresswoman witness the recount process which is unconstitutional. Where are the required documents which is missing? Visa sanctions are a waste, who want to visit a racist country ?

  6. Yussuf Ali says

    It’s more than six months what is going on it’s timeWe need swift action now thank you guys

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