31-Y-O Bartica gold miner found dead


Police are investigating the death of a 31-year-old gold miner of Bartica, Region Seven who was found dead on Tuesday in the driver seat of an ATV at ‘Kumung Kumung’ Backdam, Mazaruni River.

Denzil Prince was employed by a dredge owner of West Indian Housing Scheme, Bartica whose operation is located about two miles away from the ‘Kumung Kumung’ landing.

According to the Police, the dredge owner said Prince left the mining pit at about 16:30h and did not return.

Police said at around 18:30h, Prince was found by dredge workers slumped over and motionless in ATV CG 6474 about one mile away from the landing.

Prince was found with abrasions on both knees while the preliminary examination of the ATV via photographs showed a bent front grill and left fender.

The body was taken to the Bartica Regional Hospital where it awaits a post mortem examination.

Investigators have been dispatched to the scene, Police said.

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