Bouterse hands over power in peaceful transition in Suriname


StarNieuws, Suriname: Outgoing president Desi Bouterse placed the presidential sash for his successor Chan Santokhi.

The transfer of power in the country took place at an extraordinary public meeting in Independence Square. In a totally open atmosphere, outdoors, in the bright morning sun in the presence of the outgoing government, diplomatic representatives, other officials and the public, Santokhi has been inaugurated as the tenth president of Suriname.

President Santokhi has sworn his government team in the specially decorated tent on Independence Square.

The oath was read by the Director of the Interior, after which the ministers were sworn in one by one. Most were assisted by spiritual pastors. Of the 17 ministers, six are women (3 from the VHP), 2 from ABOP and one from the NPS.

Head of State Santokhi promised that despite all obstacles, the country will be fine. “The government will deliver on the promise made to the people.”

In his speech after the appointed and sworn ministers, Santokhi said that this is the second phase since the inauguration of the president and vice president. Now a cabinet has been presented to the people of Suriname.

All ministers have made their oath or promise. At the start of the mission they allow themselves to be protected by the Creator. Ministers, Vice President and President will do their work as God expects them to.

A lot has happened prior to this appointment. There was an election on May 25, 2020. A tough campaign was launched. The people have spoken. The result of the people’s statement.

“Are you that product today. Do not forget that the people have placed you. You are going to work for that people. You have promised to the people that you will take him out of the crisis. That will happen with the people. We are a people’s government. We will continue to communicate with the people, “said President Santokhi.

The President stressed that the country is in serious crisis. The people will be taken out of the crisis. Trust will not be betrayed. This applies to every minister and member of this cabinet.

In everything that is done, the question must be asked whether it is good for the country and the people. Whether the country will move forward with that. That must be asked every day by the ministers.

Sanokhi noted that the country will be governed by unity. Although ministers have been nominated by the political parties, this will not apply to the way in which government will be held. A government policy will be implemented. There will be ruled together, without wasting time.

The electorate has received a large mandate. From this moment on, work will start. Friday is the first government meeting where the agenda will be discussed and how it will be dealt with. Over the weekend, the government retreats to bring togetherness, team building, and knowledge of various issues that ministers will face.

The government will be accountable to The National Assembly. There will be good cooperation between the government and parliament, which supervises and ensures the legislation. There will also be good cooperation with the judiciary, with a good balance between the three powers. Content will be given to strengthening the rule of law.

There will also be close cooperation with various other organizations such as the trade union movement, the business community and civil society. Ministers will have to double their duties and cut their rights in half.

“With good policy and good governance, I am convinced that we will have the most crucial problems in the country under control in the very short term. Government Santokhi / Brunswijk God bless you. Together we will do it.”

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    They will enjoy the benefits of an Oil and Gas economy….big deal!!!! We get Hammy and rice flour!!!!! Take that Suriname.

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