State of Roraima in Brazil calls for swearing-in of Irfaan Ali


The State Government of Roraima, the Brazilian state that borders Guyana, has called for the swift declaration of Irfaan Ali as President.

Roraima is the state where most Guyanese live and work and where most trade with Guyana and Brazilian businesses takes place. Its capital is Boa Vista, which houses a Guyanese consulate.

The State Government in a statement said it has been attentively following the elections and is especially concerned about “the lengthy period in which the democratically elected candidate, Dr Irfaan Ali, remains undeclared.”

“The instability caused by the actions that delay the announcement of the new President harms democracy itself and disrespects the will of the people,” the State Government said in a statement.

The State of Roraima said it sides with the Caribbean Court of Justice, the Organisation of American States, the European Union, the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Canada in asking that the final result of the election in promptly announced and the will of the Guyanese people is respected.

A national vote recount shows the PPP beat APNU+AFC by 15, 416 votes to win the March 02 elections.

  1. Matthew says

    As usual we will wait for Sundays HC decision by Chief Justice. She will say one thing and the “fine legal minds” workin’ fer de Gov’mint….will see it as a clear victory. For an example if she says Mingo should have used the SOPS to calculate votes …..they will remove the words “should have” because they are cleverest clevers that ever clevered…..

  2. David karamat says

    Some people dont care for the people of this country, just personal milestones, which is very transparent.

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