Granger Gov’t appealing High Court decision that validated recount


The Government of President David Granger, who has repeatedly said he is not obstructing or interfering in the work of the country’s elections authority, is now moving to appeal a very clear decision of the High Court.

Chief Justice Roxane George Monday afternoon ruled that the national vote recount is valid and no other figures can be used to declare the results of the March 02 polls. The Chief Justice said the issues were all raised before and declared there must be an end to the constant moves to the court on issues already decided on.

Granger’s Attorney General Basil Williams pleaded that the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) takes no action until an appeal is filed.

Attorney General Basil Williams.

The notice that an appeal would be filed was first made by one of Granger’s candidate, Roysdale Forde. He acted as an attorney for Granger’s Coalition agent Misenga Jones, who had moved to the court to get the recount nullified and for GECOM to use figures generated before the recount declarations were made.

The Chief Justice ruled that the recount overtook previous declarations and those declarations cannot be resurrected and used.

Kim Kyte-Thomas, attorney for Justice Claudette Singh, the Chair of GECOM, told the Court that Justice Singh would not act once the appeal is filed by tomorrow.

The matter could end up all the way to the Caribbean Court of Justice, the Attorney General indicated, further delaying the declaration of the results.

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  1. Matthew says

    Of course he is. We need to bring the Country right down to its knees…..jus like the Great Kabaka….did ….Is that not precious? Why worry about the citizens? After all they did not support him at the polls.

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