APNU+AFC ‘selfish behaviour’ will lead to further demise of Guyana, citizens- TNM


See full statement issued by The New Movement (TNM):

Democracy has won another battle but the struggle still wages on. A struggle the incumbent sanctioned government seems to be enjoying on a daily basis.

These unfortunate events have taken a massive toll on our nation’s identity and economy. We are now on the agenda for discussion in the international community conferences, not because of our vast wealth but because of our political crisis and impending economic crisis. Our citizens are also affected mentally and economically.

Day in, day out, a new person appears on the streets seeking assistance from passerby and a new person is laid off from their job. The situation at this moment is an extremely depressing, frustrating and a disconsolate feeling to majority of Guyana’s population.

The APNU/AFC coalition is to be solely blamed for the local and international outlook of Guyana. Their gross incompetence and mediocre approach to this entire election must come to an end and their notorious leader, David A. Granger (DAG), can see to this being done. Mr. Granger needs to come out of the shadows of his oppressors and put this nation and her people first.

This selfish behavior, as The New Movement sees it, will not aid the current political situation towards completion but towards further demise of the Coalition, this country and her people.

Therefore, The New Movement, reiterates its call, that has seem to fall on deaf ears and blind eyes, for the Coalition to concede your defeat with dignity and bring an end to the misinformation and incompetent legal battles peddled under your administration.

I leave this quote by Alexander Pope with you sir, “He who tells a lie is not sensible of how great a risk he undertakes; for he must be forced to invent twenty more to maintain that one.”

In this entire dilemma, the Chairwoman of GECOM stands at the center, a woman of justice who has shown to be steadfast in her ways with the CEO and has shown to be a woman of many chances.

Madam Chair, we are of the view that once there is no stay of the judgment like that which was granted by the Court of Appeal in the David v. GECOM et al case or an injunction stopping GECOM from acting like in the Order issues by the CCJ in the case of Jagdeo, Ali v David et al, GECOM can still proceed. Therefore, The New Movement calls on the Chairwoman of GECOM to convene a meeting with the commissioners with the sole agenda to carry out Article 161A (1) upon your rouge employee, the Chief Election Officer, Mr. Keith Lowenfield.

We ask that you seek out a new, impartial individual over the next few days since we are of the opinion that the Deputy CEO has shown to be partisan as well.

The citizens of this nation want to move on and move forward with their lives. The courts have summarized that these matters to be res judicata meaning that matters that has been adjudicated by a competent court and therefore may not be pursued further by the same parties and further any other new parties. The recount figures are there to be solely used and this proves the will of the people with a president elect.

Let us not lose hope Guyana and let us continue to be our brother’s and sister’s keeper. Keep the peace for our democracy will be restored and our nation will rise to the heavens. To the youths of this nation and those in the Diaspora, be innovative and be creative in these times, don’t let this crisis dishearten you from our rich, beautiful home. To the elders, you’re young at heart and your experience is much needed in these times, lead by example and continue the good fight.

Godbless Guyana.

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  1. Mahabir Singh says

    You are right dictator Granger and his party care about hanging onyo power regardless of the will of the people. He is worst leader in the world and a threat to democracy. He lost by 15000 votes and is trying to fix and rigg the process to win. The party and it’s ministers should all resign they are corrupted fools just trying to hang on to power as all dictators do. Democracy is disrespected in the country of Guyana and that is very sad.

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