Persons more at risk of contracting COVID-19 in Regions 1, 7


Even though Region Four has recorded the most COVID-19 cases, persons are more at risk of contracting the deadly disease in Regions One and Seven, Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Karen Gordon-Boyle revealed Tuesday.

“You are on average 9.5x more likely to be infected in Region 1 than in Region 4 and you are 7x more likely to get infected in Region 7 than in Region 4. This is because the concentration of infections by population in Regions 1 & 7 is far higher than in Region 4.
Hence, we have not yet eased the curfew restrictions in Regions 1 & 7,” Dr Boyle said.

As of July 21, Guyana recorded two new cases of the disease from 71 tests, bringing the overall known cases to 339.

The total includes 163 recoveries and 19 deaths which means that there are 157 active cases in institutional isolation, including two persons in the COVID-19 ICU.

There are 19 persons in institutional quarantine.

According to the updated stats, there has been an increase in cases in Region Nine this month.

From July 1-18, Region One reported five new cases, Region Four reported four new cases, Region Seven reported 15 new cases and Region nine reported six new cases.

“It is critical for us to monitor in the coming weeks the evolution of the incidence in all regions, especially #9 which shares the border with Brazil, which is now the epicenter in Latin America. It is likely that cross border movement may have taken place, hence the need for intensive case surveillance and case tracking,” the ministry pointed out.

Further persons are asked to continue wearing masks, washing hands and staying 6 feet apart to keep protecting themselves and others.

The Ministry of Health provided the following breakdown on infection rate by Region per 100,000 population using data from the 2012 census:


Region Positive Cases Population Cases per 100,000
1 98 26,941 363
4 120 313,429 38
7 56 20,280 276
9 18 24,212 74
Total 334    


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