Police launch probe into rape allegations against Ruel Johnson


The Guyana Police Force has launched a probe into allegations of rape levelled against author Ruel Johnson, who has been a fierce critic of the David Granger Government and until recently served as the Government’s Cultural Policy Advisor.

Johnson is currently employed with the Kaieteur News as an Editor. No charges have been made against Johnson.

The allegation against Johnson was made by a former girlfriend. She claims that many years ago she was given alcohol by Johnson and when she was drunk, he had sex with her without her consent. Johnson has denied the allegations.

Johnson was asked to report to the Alberttown Police Station in Georgetown, and he cooperated Tuesday.

The allegations were made known to him and Johnson was asked to give a statement.

He was later released from custody on his own recognizance.

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  1. Matthew says

    Mr Johnson is getting a taste of what criticism of a Government can cost a person. Not a word of this until for years until he criticized a certain political party and their non-democratic actions. This lady better have strong proof of her allegations.

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