TCI calls on political parties not to waste the Court’s time and to abide by CJ’s ruling


See below full statement issued by The Citizenship Initiative:

Chief Justice Roxane George continues to execute her judgments with careful detail to jurisprudence and application of the law. Her understanding of the issues and the context against which Guyana continues to be placed in is exceptional.

Her professionalism inspires faith in the judicial system and is a good example for others to emulate for sound and clear guidance on matters arising for judicial review. Thank you Madam Chief Justice.

TCI remains concerned that despite such a clear and concise ruling, there is yet to be another court matter. TCI therefore calls on all parties to abide by the rulings and not waste any more of the court’s time.

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  1. Mahabir Singh says

    Mr. Granger or President Granger that illegally hanging on to power you are a complete joke and the worst leader in the world. You have no balls and you are a joke just trying to remain in power for your deceitful reasons of lies a power-hungry dictator that ignore the will of the people. No leader except some of those tyrants dictators like Burnham, Maduro, Amin, and Mugabe have taken over there county by default using the army in many cases and rogue officials and cares very little about the people or democracy and some the more despotic ones Stalin, Hilter and Saddam are icons of destruction to countries and man in general. You are a true leader when you accept your loss and don’t go to court a million times waste the people money to install an illegitimate Govt the APNU in power. You lost by 15,000 votes and no one in the world and even in Guyana should even consider as a leader a man just a corrupted monster with several buddies in the party and officials that are there to steal the elections and the will of the people. You cannot accept loss like a man you are a horrible leader one of the worst in history and you have screwed your country and anyone who even likes you because of party connections. Do the right thing I hope every country sanction you. Democracy is in real problems in Guyana as citizens watch this movie again and again.

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