COVID-19 Centre and ICU to be established in Bartica


A COVID-19 Centre is currently being prepared in Bartica, Region Seven and will cater to all COVID-19 related cases in the region. An Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to treat COVID-19 patients will also be established at the Bartica Regional Hospital. Region Seven on July 21, recorded 56 COVID-19 cases and is also one of the COVID-19 hotspots in the country.

The Regional Health Emergency Committee (RHEC) is managing the preparations for the COVID-19 Centre, the Cuyuni/Mazaruni Regional Democratic Council (RDC) said in a statement.

The RDC said the health workers in the region are stretched to capacity at this time but have been successfully managing and monitoring the COVID-19 response, while continuing to provide other medical emergency services.

It was also noted that most of the positive cases from Aranka, one of the mining communities most affected in the region, have been transferred to Bartica.

The Guyana Police Force, Education and Health Departments are also actively involved in preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the region.

The Education Department is ensuring that students writing the CSEC exams are doing so in a safe environment throughout the region; the Police Force is enforcing the curfew and other COVID-19 measures, while the Health Department is routinely sanitizing streets, public spaces and building.

“The support from the various departments continues to be tremendous. The Department of Health, being the absolute frontline in the fight against Covid-19, is always on alert to respond to instances of suspected and confirmed cases, by way of its Rapid Response Team and the general staff,” the RDC stated.

A group of volunteers are also visiting the riverain and indigenous communities to share information about the dangers of COVID-19.

“COVID-19 affects everyone, and the more we cooperate, the sooner we will be free of the world’s most deadly disease,” the RDC stated.

A partial lockdown is in effect in the region’s mining areas and airstrips in Paruima, Kamarang, Imbaimadai, Phillipai and Chi Chi. Non-residents are not allowed in and out of these areas.

Individuals seeking to pass through the Sherima Crossing, on the Essequibo River, are also being screened at the new COVID-19 checkpoint. All individuals entering must first report to the checkpoint, with a valid form of identification, provide the officers with relevant information and subject themselves to a temperature test.

Sherima Crossing is said to be a crucial link between mining areas in Region Seven and Eight.

In addition, the screening checkpoint was set up at the Bartica Ferry Stelling, Karrau Creek and Iteballi Landing.

The 34-year-old Bartician, who was recorded as Guyana’s 14th COVID-19 death had traveled to one of the mining areas Oku, shortly before he was tested.


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