FITUG welcomes strong int’l concern, says Granger’s Coalition trying to hoodwink the world


The Federation of Independent Trade Unions in Guyana (FITUG) on Wednesday issued a statement welcoming what it said were strong and informed concern for Guyana’s unstable political situation by those in the international community and warned the David Granger led APNU+AFC coalition of the dire effects of continued attempts to hoodwink the world into believing its telltales. See full statement below:

Coalition brings embarrassment to Guyanese

The FITUG, like many Guyanese, paid close attention to the Organization of American States (OAS) Permanent Council meeting on July 21, 2020 which addressed the prevailing situation in our country. The convening of such an engagement is yet another telltale sign strong international concern about what is taking place in Guyana. It also demonstrates the seriousness of the situation that is currently unfolding and which can have several consequences for Guyanese.

The OAS, in considering the Guyana situation, received interventions from the de-facto Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Legal Affairs. The contributions of both senior Government officials could only be described, in our view, only served to bring further embarrassment to our people. Both Ministers peddled, in our view, clearly false narratives obviously, in an attempt, to mislead the OAS. This we contend is tantamount to seeking to insult the intelligence of the hemispheric body.

We had to wonder whether the Government team believed sincerely that the OAS is unaware of what is really taking place in Guyana. We consider the OAS and by extension its members most informed about Guyana’s state-of-affairs. We do not believe for any moment that the OAS to accepted the slanted opinions and cherry-picking of certain aspects of Court pronouncements by the Government. The fact that the de-facto Administration thinks it can really hoodwink the OAS and by extension the world is most humiliating.

Indeed from the interventions of our hemispheric brothers and sisters, was a vivid demonstration that they were not sidetracked or sucked in by the propaganda of the Coalition regime. They were most forthright in their calls for the APNU+AFC to accept the will of the people and to exit office.

We share the view that prolongation of the process, which is quickly approaching five (5) months, must be brought to swift and peaceful end. There is need for a transition in Government as the economy tethers and the lives of thousands of Guyanese hang in the balance. The selfish ways of a greedy few should not be allowed to persist but democracy must triumph.

  1. Matthew says

    But who are going to believe…..the entire planet…….or Hon. Dr. Karen and Hon Basil.????/.

    Pretty clear choice ….as they claim to not know why the election declaration is delayed, they are unaware of any Mingos, They don’t know any Lolo’s and most of they do not these 3 studious young ladies who all had the smarts to hire the same high priced lawyers. Also they only cases they are aware of ruled entirely in their favor and showed that the guy Lolo that they don’t even know was right all along.

    Seriously….do they think the entire OAS is on drugs?

  2. Mahabir Singh says

    You are right these are greedy self-serving dictators who are corrupting the entire country with lies deceit and false old talk and trying to hoodwink the Guyana people and the world. All there Ministers officials are the most corrupt in the history of Guyana The APNU and Granger are making themselves liars and con artists and not giving up power since they lost by 15,000 votes from the recount but they are power-hungry dictators and this could result could cause anarchy, revolution and civil war as are noting in many countries

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