Jagdeo says Granger acting in defiance of court, GECOM, int’l community


See below statement issued by Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo:

In a statement issued yesterday, the APNU+AFC said that it will not be accepting any declaration based on the figures derived from the National Recount.

This is in clear defiance of the international community, the Chief Justice, the CCJ and GECOM who have all made it clear that any declaration has to be made on the basis of the figures from the recount, and also in contrast to earlier statements by President Granger that he will accept any declaration made by GECOM.

No one should be surprised as the PNC which Granger leads and which is essentially the APNU+AFC, has a history of not accepting the results of every election that they have lost since 1992.

What we have to do now is to work to ensure that we have a declaration that is reflective of the will of the people and only one that is derived from the figures generated by the national recount can produce such an outcome.

If Granger and his band of riggers believe that they can continue to hang on to office after the declaration has been made then they are living in a fool’s world.

If the international community was prepared to condemn and levy sanctions against people who are trying to undermine democracy, even before the declaration, just imagine the consequences the riggers will face if they refuse to leave office after the declaration – essentially staging a coup d’etat.

Needless to say, such a move will be met by fierce resistance by the PPP and other forces fighting for democracy.

I therefore urge Guyanese at this stage not to be too concerned about whether they will accept the declaration or not as we will cross that bridge when we get there.
The consequences for Granger and the APNU+AFC at that time will be as alluded to by Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro: “Democracy or Abyss?”.

  1. Don Gomes says

    I hear you.The apnu /afc lost not only the election on march 2,2020 but all their dignity as well .They have demonstrated that they have become a venal body of “politicians” pretending to run this country from the shadow of the presidency.

  2. Mahabir Singh says

    Granger and his band of corrupted party and officials only strategy is to steal the election by remaining in power for one year longer illegally and not accepting that they lose by the recounts by 15000 votes. They are criminals and power hungry dictators that is defying the the laws of the country as all the courts have thrown out all dictator Granger and his criminals appeals. They have not accept and continue to baboolize the people by not accepting the recounts only only accepting the results of mingo and lowenfield two crooks that cooked up the election results by fixing the votes. Democracy is in danger and the Guyanese have enough patient with a born coward an army man who he is a strongman and s power hungry dictator that loves power and waste the people’s time the taxpayers money and is pure evil.the international community already said they will not accept the false results of his corrupted buddies and officials that are there to fix the elections. Time to sanction this coward and dispotic dictator who hated to lose and screwed up democracy for his selfish purposes. Protest need to happen and indos around the world by the millions tell the monster people are fed up of rotten dictators like him. He cannot and should get away with stuff .Burhnam and Mugabe Maduro are his real buddies.

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