Sophia family seeks help to rebuild after fire guts house


An ‘A’ Field Sophia, Georgetown family of four is seeking assistance to rebuild their house after it was gutted by a fire Wednesday morning.

Sehfred McPherson, 31, a machine operator with the Guyana National Shipping Corporation (GNIC) said he moved with his family to the area about a year ago. The fire, which started around 09:30hrs, completely destroyed the two-bedroom wooden flat and everything inside.

McPherson said the house was furnished with a gas stove, fridge, beds, television set and other electrical and household items.

“I was at work when I got a phone call that my home is on fire so I rushed home. When I reach home it was already burnt down,” McPherson said.

The fire started in the kitchen area after his wife Iyana Thompson left a pot on the stove and went to a nearby shop.

The couple’s two young children, ages 5 and 8 were home alone at the time when the fire started.

“The kids ran outside and said there was fire in the house and by time she come over the road it was too late,” McPherson said.

When the Guyana Fire Service arrived the house was already destroyed. The family did not manage to save anything. Anyone willing to assist the family can contact +592 682 0917.

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    I will help them.

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