‘ANUG not open to dialogue with caretaker Gov’t’


See below full statement issued by A New and United Guyana:

A New and United Guyana (ANUG) notes the statements made by the APNU+AFC on July 22 that the coalition “…remains open to dialogue with other political parties and stakeholders on the way forward for our country.”

The statement also says that the coalition is “prepared to act responsibly to bring a resolution to the ongoing political situation.” ANUG notes the continued duplicity in words and actions by the APNU+AFC coalition, with the most recent example being the release of yesterday’s statement.

If the coalition is indeed prepared to act responsibly, the first act would be to concede they have lost the 2020 regional and general elections. The resolution to the ongoing political situation rests with them in totality, concede and allow a new government to be sworn in.

It should be noted that the ongoing political situation they claim to want resolved, is in totality again, their own doing and making. It is nothing short of dishonesty and another display of the duplicitous nature of the leadership of APNU+AFC to say they are prepared to act to resolve a situation, a situation which they have created and is within their power to resolve.

If they are indeed prepared to act responsibly, this can be done immediately with the simple act of conceding. To not do so, only demonstrates that the coalition continues to act in bad faith and against the best interest of the nation.

ANUG categorically states that it is open to dialogue with any legally elected government, parliamentary opposition, other political parties and stakeholders on the way forward for our country. A legally elected government can only be brought about through an election’s declaration by GECOM using the votes tallied by the recount process which the APNU+AFC and PPP agreed to.

Once this is done, ANUG is determined to be at the forefront of any talks putting the issues of constitutional and electoral reform high on the agenda.

  1. Matthew says

    This is not fair Ralph…..these guys presented a fair case……they tried to rig an election and got caught. As they lost the election. Now they are willing to “share de corn”. They are suggesting a 3 party tribunal from The PNC, WPA and AFC ….to cover all the parties and persons of Guyana. Any disputes that arise will be settled by an unbiased Committee consisting of Chairperson Keith Lowenfield, Vincent Alexander, David Hinds and Lincoln Lewis. For unbiased outside advice they would use Nigel Hughes, Tacuma Ogunseye and Dr Jeffrey.

    Of course all of these persons would answer to Kabaka II and Kabaka Assistant.

    Did I miss anybody in their “shared governance”. And this from the losers of the elections. How very generous.

  2. Mahabir Singh says

    the APNU or PNC is the real name has no intention of giving up power only cheating to remain in power. The Guyanaese people have seen this movie too often. This party and it’s dictator are power hungry monsters. They lost the election by over 15000 votes and don’t want to up power period and all these court challenges are to fool the people in believing that somehow they are honest and people will be sorry for them. They are a very corrupted bunch that loves power as they remained illegally for 12 months you never heard that happened in democratic institutions. They then went to the election and fix the numbers to win in one district as they conman and corrupted official mingo falsely cook the numbers. The recount showed the PPP/Civic won the election and two high courts verified this but there coward and corrupted official lowenfield fix the votes for the APNU as he eliminated 100,000 votes from the people. This guy is a criminal and a corrupt monster why he should be above the law he should fired immediately. They are wasting the people time the courts and the taxpayers money to prove they win when 99% already say they lost based on the recounts. Only dictators do this kind of thing seized power by illegal means and proclaim they are in charge. No govt in the democratic world will accept this party and govt that is only trying to fix the elections to win. The Guyanese people are in trouble as this guy is going against democracy which is in real problem with these fraudsters corrupted leaders and politican who will cheat to win. Noone should accept this party as they lose and cannot accept losing. This had never happened before in democratic institutions and countries.i hope no party join them they are power hungry dictators trying to steal an election and the will of the people.

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