APNU+AFC arguing against fraud but ‘shamelessly’ fighting to be sworn in on Mingo’s fraudulent figures – Ramson


See below full statement issued by PPP Member and Attorney-at-Law Charles Ramson Jr.:

I read with humour the APNU-AFC’s statement where they “resolved that fraudulent votes, (sic) cannot be factored in to represent the will of the electorate.”

The APNU-AFC’s purported interest in non-fraudulent votes would be believable if they were not, to this date, shamelessly pursuing being sworn in on Mingo’s fraudulent declaration.

The recount revealed one proven fraud in the March 2nd, 2020 General and Regional election and that was that Clairmont Mingo made a declaration for region 4 of over 15,000 votes which did not exist in the ballot boxes.

To this day, no one from the APNU-AFC has proffered an explanation for that fraudulent 15,000+ non-existent vote declaration. In fact, the APNU-AFC has never even acknowledged this proven fraud at all.

The shameless pursuit by the APNU-AFC to be sworn in on Mingo’s fraudulent declaration took multiple avenues. One would recall that the Ulita Moore case represented by an APNU-AFC candidate was premised upon obtaining Court Orders compelling GECOM to make a declaration on Mingo’s fraudulent declaration.

One would also recall that the APNU-AFC sought on multiple occasions through their GECOM commissioners (Vincent Alexander, Charles Corbin, and Desmond Trotman) for GECOM to make a declaration on Mingo’s fraudulent declaration – before the recount commenced and recently as late as last week Monday (13th July, 2020).

In addition, the most recent case filed by the APNU-AFC in the name of Jones who worked on behalf of the APNU-AFC in the recount at the ACCC and represented by the same APNU-AFC candidate, also seeks a Court Order compelling GECOM to make a declaration on Mingo’s fraudulent declaration.

So, if the APNU-AFC resolution that “fraudulent votes cannot be factored in to represent the will of the electorate” were to be believed, they would first, release their Statements of Poll, second, at the very least, acknowledge Mingo’s fraudulent declaration, third, withdraw their case seeking to be sworn in on Mingo’s fraudulent declaration, and forth, file their petition after the declaration is made by GECOM as the Constitution prescribes and reinforced by the Supreme Court of Judicature.

Until then, no one will believe their resolution and quite frankly no one cares.

  1. Matthew says

    Time for the world to give up…..these Rigguhs’ are jus’ too gosh darn smart for we all. When they assembled the dream rigging team of Mingo ‘n Lolo led by a well experienced 104 year old rigging advisor and well healed pensioner…..what could possibly go wrong? This was the best and brightest of the PNC and they were launched like a missile, smooth, sleek and totally in control…….*Note …the stained bed sheet was a nice touch as well.

  2. Mahabir Singh says

    The APNU or PNC is the most corrupt party in the world and is crooked like hell stayed 12months illegally in power by losing a no confidence vote went into an election lost like hell and have there corrupted monsters and officials screw the people by fixing the votes for them to win. The recount was monitored by all outside observers was credible but that party APNU are full of corrupted dictators ready to steal an election they lose by 15,000 and no court appealing a million times will not change that. They lost period by are power hungry dictators who want to go against democracy and want to cheat to win at all cost. The USA Europe England Canada and caricom have already accepted they losses by the recount votes do sanction these dictators for life. They are trying to steal and election like Burhnam Mugabe Maduro Hilter Stalin and Amin and others

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