QC Alumni boosts golf in Georgetown


Colin Ming is an avid golfer, who attained a single digit handicap whilst winning several tournaments over the years. He has served in executive positions at the Lusignan Golf Club and has been an advocate of growing the game of golf for many years.

Several years ago, together with his friend, Neil Jones of the USA, a plan to introduce the game to students of their alma mater Queen’s College was set in motion and over two dozen Junior golf sets were acquired for the purpose.

However, until now it was difficult to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together in a manner that Ming felt would work until he was approached by fellow QC alumni Aleem Hussain of the NexGen Golf Academy with a plan to introduce the game to schools in Georgetown, and he immediately felt that it was a great opportunity to put the golf clubs to use.

The NexGen Golf Academy is conveniently located on Woolford Avenue, in the schools’ zone in the heart of Georgetown, and offers classes for all ages and levels of play. The golf range has lighting to cater for play until 20:00h, whilst providing a safe, fun environment for everyone to learn the game.

Through the donation the Academy is looking to expand the sport, targeting the youth population

President of the Guyana Golf Association and NexGen Golf Academy, Aleem Hussain, stated “with 25 sets of children’s clubs available (due to the generosity of Mr. Ming and Mr. Jones) on a daily basis, we can now introduce this incredible sport to hundreds of kids in a manner that truly tests their abilities to concentrate and perform under pressure.

The goal of the NexGen Golf Academy is to allow many players to become familiar with the sport and by bringing the game into Georgetown, more new players can have the opportunity to try it for the first time.”

The Academy plans on hosting several training camps for children and newcomers to the game in the coming months along with several COVID compliant activities that will allow players to compete for a variety of prizes and awards.

Mings Products and Services also intends to join several other major companies in a variety of initiatives at the Academy that will involve target practice for prizes.

For reservations or information about the Academy, its services and programmes, visit the Facebook page NexGen Golf Academy or call 645-0944.

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