British director of Bushmasters collapses, dies in Lethem


Ian Craddock, a former British army officer who served with the Infantry and Special Forces in the United Kingdom and moved to Guyana to organise jungle expeditions, collapsed and died in the town of Lethem Monday afternoon.

He owned and ran the popular Bushmasters tour company.

The Regional Police Commander Superintendent, Keithon King, told the News Room that Craddock was jogging just beyond the Lethem airport when he collapsed. He was taken to the Lethem Hospital and was pronounced dead.

King said Craddock was only wearing his jogging shorts and there were no marks about his body.

Craddock is known to jog in the area.

Craddock led some of the most high-profile tours in Guyana, including a trip by Hollywood actor Channing Tatum and his friends. Ian had also led BBC nature expeditions in to the heart of Guyana.

According to the company, Craddock first moved to Guyana in 2002 to organise expeditions for a British conservation charity.

Prior to that, he lived in London, Cyprus, The Falklands, Jordan and Belize.

He had completed a variety of specialist courses from Combat Survival Instructor to Military Mountaineering and Climbing instructor, the company stated.

He had taken part in exercises and operations in a host of countries around the world from the Gulf to the Falkland Islands, from North America to the Indian Himalayas – where he jointly led a joint Anglo-Indian team on the first successful ascent of Mt Tingchen Khan.

The company stated that each year, Craddock spent about 75% of his time in the jungle, on desert islands or in the Arabian Desert.

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