U.S. announces more visa sanctions, cites Granger for refusing to accept recount


The United States Government Thursday imposed more visa sanctions, saying the Government of President David Granger continues to defy the will of the people by not accepting the results of the national vote recount.

Ambassador Michael Kozak, Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs of the U.S. Department of State

Below is a statement issued by Michael Kozak, acting Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of Western Affairs of the U.S. State Department during a teleconference:

“On July 15, the Secretary announced the imposition of visa restrictions on individuals responsible for or complicit in undermining democracy in Guyana.

“Today, we are acting to prevent additional senior individuals from that country from entering the United States.

“The Secretary’s been clear: The Granger administration and its allies continue to defy the will of the Guyanese people by refusing to accept the vote count. The count has been certified as valid by international observers OAS and CARICOM, Guyana’s and the Caribbean’s highest courts.

“The United States joins the rest of the region refusing to go along with this farce. We will continue to act until the Granger administration accepts the will of Guyanese voters.”

  1. Muhammad Rahaman says

    This is exactly what I’ve been saying. All them bad boys from ‘Alcatraz’ Granger and he hench men will have to get a taste of the penalty for obstructing legality and democracy for at least 5 months in Guyana. For when you don’t hear you gwine feel it.All of this punishment of the innocent guyanese people for what. Believe me they gwine learn the hard way.

  2. Matthew says

    Whoops…….HE gonna have to take Lady Sandra to Splashmins instead of the Islands and Giftland instead of Miami.

  3. Matthew says

    I guess dem bhai’s from overseas lookin’ for HONESTY, DECENCY AND INTEGRITY!

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