Reg.7 COVID-19 crisis worsens with 95 cases


The COVID-19 health crisis in the Cuyuni-Mazaruni Region continues to worsen as more communities record cases.

The Regional Health Officer (RHO), Dr Edward Sagala in a statement on Monday highlighted that as of August 02, 2020 the Region recorded 95 cases.

The communities affected are Batavia, Falmouth, Big Hope, Arrau, Oku, Arangoy, Devil’s Hole and Bartica.

The RHO stated that despite advisories and warnings residents in Bartica especially continue to act casual and unconcerned.

“The mere fact that positive cases are close to 100, with two deaths, and counting…and yet our people seem unbothered, is mind-boggling,” the RHO said.

(Bartica Newsletter/Facebook Photo)

The Region recorded two COVID-19 related deaths; there are four persons in institutional quarantine; 19 in institutional isolation and one in home quarantine.

It was also noted that only nine COVID-19 test kits were available in the region.

“Of particular concern is that out of 15 samples taken from individuals from Batavia Village, 10 returned positive,” the RHO said.

With limited resources and facilities coupled with the shortage of health officials, it is difficult to keep persons in quarantine who were tested for COVID-19 and are awaiting their results, Regional Chairman, Gordon Bradford had told the News Room.

Mining operations have been ceased in Aranka and surrounding areas after a number of cases were confirmed.

The COVID-19 Centre in Bartica should be completed by this week. An Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to treat critical COVID-19 patients will also be established at the Bartica Regional Hospital.

The Bartica Community Centre was also recently renovated to be used a quarantine facility.


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