Family of man gunned down on Durban St. says he received death threats


Police are investigating the execution style killing of 25-year-old Rondel Haynes called ‘Trini’ who was gunned down Monday night.

His family told the News Room that for the past month, Haynes received several death threats from an East Ruimveldt resident he had an issue with.

The father of one was killed during a drive by shooting at the corners of Durban and Chapel Streets in Georgetown. Haynes was shot multiple times and died on the spot.

When the News Room visited his home at Mango Lane, East Ruimveldt on Tuesday, his sister Charrona Beckles said she received a call that her brother had been shot but she did not know that he had died.

“I was standing on the corner and I receive a phone call and the person was saying come down to Durban Street now that my brother got shot.

“I went there and I witness my brother, yes he did get shot…he was my little brother,” the distraught woman said.

Haynes was the youngest of five siblings. The sister said their parents passed away years ago and they have been looking after each other.

According to an uncle, Oneil Haynes his nephew was involved in an altercation with another resident about a month ago about using a bathroom and his nephew was injured.

An Ambulance at the scene of the shooting on Monday evening

In retaliation, Haynes broke the car window belonging to the resident. Since then he has been receiving death threats. The family believes this is why he was killed.

“When we hear about the shooting last night everybody saying it was [the resident] came with a car and shoot him up and drive away.

“They had an old grievance about breaking a car window, [the resident] assault him [Haynes] and he break the window screen and he [the resident] said he is going to kill him when he see he,” the uncle told the News Room.

This matter was not reported to the Police because according to the uncle, they dealt with the issue the “old school” way.

Meanwhile, Haynes’ sister said he returned to Guyana from Barbados two months ago.

“My brother was a very joyful person and friendly,” the sister said.

The family is hoping that the Police conduct a thorough investigation and that the suspects are brought to justice. The Guyana Police Force did not release any official information on the shooting.



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