Muslim Youth Organisation congratulates President Ali



Verily we have granted thee a Manifest victory- Chapter 48 vs1.

Very apt verse from the Holy Quran in an attempt to draw a parallel with the victory of Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali . Whilst this verse was referring to a particular juncture in Islamic history, the Muslim Youth Organisation of Guyana believes that the bruising encounter over the past five months which  culminated on Sunday with the swearing in, may be considered a manifest victory.

Indeed Dr. Ali has triumphed against all odds in becoming the President but triumphalist he must not become. Guyana is much fractured and his first call of duty should be to mend our country.

The Muslim Youth Organisation of Guyana congratulates His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali on his ascension to the highest office in our country; we offer our unequivocal support to Dr. Ali and his Government to ensure Guyana moves forward and fully realise its potential.

We pray that Allah swt (God Almighty) grant Dr Ali the guidance to lead our country and serve its people in an equitable manner.

Our Heartiest Congratulations.

Highest regards,

Azad Ibrahim



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