Granger warns PPP against pursuing public servants, fmr. Ministers


See below statement issued by Leader of the People’s National Congress, David Granger


Guyanese, the People’s Progressive Party, within hours of the swearing-in of the new President following the ‘Declaration’ issued by the Chairman of the Elections Commission, Justice (ret.) Claudette Singh, on Sunday 2nd August 2020, commenced a vulgar, divisive and vindictive campaign of alienation, discrimination and separation against former A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) Coalition ministers and members of Guyana’s Public Service.

Former ministers whose normal residences are located in the rural and hinterland regions were swiftly ordered to vacate their government quarters, unreasonably, within thirty-six hours. Public servants were locked out of their offices without explanation. Contracted officials were threatened with arbitrary and summary termination of their service.

The PNC recalls the violence unleashed by PPP hooligans against innocent school children travelling in a school bus at Bath Settlement in the Mahaica-Berbice Region on Friday 6th March in the wake of the elections.  An atmosphere of fear and loathing has enveloped the nation. This should not be expected after elections in our country.

The People’s National Congress warns the People’s Progressive Party to desist from pursuing this dangerous pattern of aggression against officials, members of society and persons perceived to belong to other political parties. The PPP will bear responsibility for the consequences of its conduct.

The PNC has placed on record its acknowledgement of the lawful consequences of the ‘Declaration’ as announced by the Chairman of the Elections Commission and its respect for the Constitution of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana and the rulings of the Guyana Court of Appeal and the Caribbean Court of Justice. The PNC maintains, however, that the Report ordered by the Court to be presented to the Commission contained significant anomalies and irregularities.

The PNC, like all other Guyanese citizens and organisations, is aware that the results of the General and Regional Elections held on 2nd March 2020 were not declared until Sunday 2nd August, nearly twenty-two weeks afterwards. Delays in the ‘Declaration’ of results were caused, in part, by the revelation of numerous abuses, anomalies and irregularities in the poll and the appeals which were made to the courts, consequently, for the validation of the elections, during this period.

The PPP and the A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) Coalition approached the Supreme Court of Judicature, the Court of Appeal of Guyana and the Caribbean Court of Justice to provide interpretations of electoral and other laws and to resolve problems arising from the elections.

The PNC repeats its assertion that fraudulent votes should not have been held to represent the will of the electorate. The inclusion of fraudulent votes in a ‘Declaration’ constitutes a violation of the fundamental principles of democracy. We maintain that the Elections Commission should have made a ‘Declaration’ based only on valid votes.

The PNC and APNU+AFC Coalition have stated, repeatedly, from the start of the electoral process, that they expected a lawful ‘Declaration’ of the Elections Commission. We have never altered this position. The PNC cannot endorse a flawed Report and will continue its campaign to ensure that the votes of all Guyanese are accurately recorded, tallied and reported.

The recount process revealed a plethora of grave anomalies, discrepancies and irregularities, the scale, size and scope of which were revealed only through tabulation and observation during the recount. The recount was intended to determine both the quantitative and qualitative nature of the votes cast at the General and Regional Elections and to determine “a final credible count”.  At the end of the recount, however, it became manifest that the results did not meet the standard for credible elections.

The PNC, in the national interest, and with a view to preserving peace and maintaining order, has acted responsibly throughout this prolonged political crisis. We implore all Guyanese to remain calm and peaceful.

The PNC will challenge the declared results lawfully. We urge our members, supporters and friends – who have been patient throughout our campaign and the post-elections process – to continue to conduct themselves in a lawful and peaceful manner.

The PNC wishes to repeat its appreciation to everyone who participated in the General and Regional Elections 2020. We thank every member of the Alliance For Change, Guyana Action Party, Justice For All Party, National Front Alliance and Working People’s Alliance who worked side by side with the People’s National Congress Reform and everyone else who brought such awesome passion, power and patriotism to the conduct of this important democratic exercise. Our struggle for justice continues.

May God bless the people of Guyana

  1. Matthew says

    Granger is correct …..all PNC Ministers should remain in power and all their appointees should retain their jobs… would be like winning the election without Mingo.

    NOTE to PNC: You lost the election. When you came into power you eliminated every single PPP person in Government and replaced them with 2-3 of your trusted folks. It contributed to the breaking of the treasury and now you want to prevent the PPP from repairing the problem. How can they run the Country with persons loyal only to YOU the PNC? Or do you care about the Country.

    You are no longer in a position to bark orders. Having said that…..I sincerely hope the PPP is able to separate the wheat from the chaff and keep as many public servants who have the ability and desire to be A) Public and B) Servants. Their master being the PEOPLE OF GUYANA…..who pay their salary.

  2. Matthew says

    I am thrilled to hear that the PNC is going to challenge the results of the Elections. We will see the doctored SOPS and we will see the screen grabs of Mingos messages to the PRO’s instructing them to remove the documents from all boxes on East Coast Region 4. Many, Many small persons (flunkies) will be looking at charges and those same small persons will turn bitter and implicate the “big fish”…….that will be good for all of Guyana. True Patriots will be happy to see the truth.

    AS to this continued narrative that the PPP found a way to compromise ALL agents including APNU, all observers including APNU, ALL foreign and local observers, ALL GECOM staff at polling places and MANY villagers who were lingering around gaffing in the lineups for voting……we need to get this out on the table for the sanity of the good decent citizens of Guyana and especially for the good and decent supporters of the Coalition. Because it is not their fault that they had poor and deceitful leadership.

  3. Mahabir Singh says

    Lies and deceit has been the coverup of the coalition Govt of Granger and want the PPP/Civic to keep his people in power to spy and interfere with the running of the Govt there way. Matthew, you are right. They have had all PPC/APNU appointed people when they came in power now they somehow they want some of there fixers and corrupted artist and disgruntled managers to remain. They are now trying to say there was fraud in the election as dead people and those outside of Guyana just fly by air in the middle of the night and voted. There were dead people coming from the graves as Comrade Burnham and his buddies and some past PPP dead supporters wake up at night and enter the voting machine in white gowns and voted. It is complete nonsense and distraction by Granger APNU and his gang. They never wanted to give up power and went to three courts to justify they had a case but it did not work.

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