Businesswoman suffers over $4M in losses after heavy rainfall floods chicken farm


Bibi Shaheeda Latif and her husband Rasheed Latif are counting their losses of over $4 million after heavy rainfall in the wee hours of Saturday flooded their chicken farm leaving in its wake over 3,000 dead livestock.

Mrs Latif was moved to tears as she explained that her farm is situated at Lot 164-165 Number 57 Village away from the general population and is in the last street in the residential area before the backlands start.

The businesswoman’s chicken farm was completely destroyed

She said the area is prone to flooding due to the lack of proper drainage and she made numerous complaints to the Neighbourhood Democratic Council but it fell on deaf ears.

“Up to this morning I had buyers for over 500 big chickens, but they all died. This is a major loss to me and my husband,” the tearful businesswoman said.

Bibi Shaheeda Latif

She recently invested in 1,500 baby chicks but none survived but she managed to save 1,500 more and moved them to higher grounds.

The businesswoman is hoping the relevant authorities can step in and assist her to restart her business.

Meanwhile, several other communities between Number 52 to Number 60 Villages on the Corentyne Coast were also affected by the rainfall and subsequent flooding.

At lot 11 Number 55 Village, Arti Tallolall was at her wits end, since she was unable to use her kitchen which was flooded.

She woke up just after midnight during the heavy rain and shortly after the floods came and she had to relocate her furniture and appliances.

“We put sandbags in front the door but the water keeps rising so we move the furniture, fridge, stove and other things higher. I didn’t even cook yet for the day and is already past lunchtime.”

Higher grounds for the Tallolall Family

She blamed the NDC and noted that this is the third time this year her yard and house has been flooded.

Another resident, Chandradai Sukhra, of Number 55 Village said when he woke up he saw the water was up to his thigh and his entire kitchen was inundated; he lost his groceries and had some appliances damaged.

Sukrah blamed the sluice operator for neglecting to open the sluice during the low tide to drain the #52 canal as well as the authorities for not ensuring the koker was de-silted prior to the rainy season.

Chandradai Sukhra
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