Van West-Charles dismissed from Guyana Water Inc.


The contract of Richard Van West-Charles, the Chief Executive of the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) has been terminated.

Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal confirmed that the contract for Van West-Charles was terminated effective October 29, but he is being sent on administrative leave immediately.

Van West-Charles was written to by the Chairman of the board of GWI to hand over any property and records in his possession.

The contract for Van West-Charles was slated to expire October 2021.

  1. Matthew says

    Not surprising……a political appointee.

  2. Xhrp2wkb1 says

    If he had any integrity and shame he would have handed in his resignation. He was a big time political appointee.

    Other political appointees, Airport guy Fields and Lands guy Benn have to go too. They were on APNUAFC stage many times.

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