Harmon, Broomes co-opted into PNC/R Executive


The Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) met on Monday at the Party’s Headquarters, Congress Place, Sophia where a decision was taken to co-op members Joseph Harmon and Simona Broomes to serve in the CEC.

A press release posted on the PNCR’s Facebook page noted that “Mr. Harmon and Ms. Broomes were formally and warmly welcomed to the Executive Committee.”

According to the release, PNCR leader, Brigadier (rt’d) David Granger addressed members of the CEC on the recently concluded General and Regional Elections, the current political situation and the way forward.

It was further noted that Harmon who served as Election’s Agent for the APNU+AFC gave a detailed elections update and a summary of Coalitions performance.

“The Central Executive Committee was also given a brief on pending legal matters by Mr. Basil Williams, SC. The CEC deliberated on matters arising from the Leader’s address and the APNU+AFC performance at the General and Regional Elections.”

According to the release, “Two Motions thanking the Party leaders, members, coalition partners, supporters, the Diaspora and donors who worked and gave of their time and their treasure to the Coalition’s 2020 election campaign were passed unanimously. The meeting was chaired by Chairman of the PNCR, Mrs. Volda Lawrence.”

  1. Don Gomes says

    Venal body of politicians.Now a page in the history of Guyana.

  2. Xhrp2wkb1 says

    Same old, tired faces who can’t pull any significant number of independent votes to make PNC win an election. Prepare to warm the opposition benches indefinitely.

  3. Matthew says

    Not only same old, but key figures in the barefaced rigging attempt. Who is going to trust them moving forward? Will all canals in Guyana have no fishing signs installed? Does some of these persons have nicely asphalted driveways as we are missing quite a bit of asphalt. Mr. Patto ….where is we asphalt?

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