Imran Khan’s contract at DPI terminated


The contract of Imran Khan, the head of the Department of Public Information, has been terminated.

This was confirmed by Kwame McCoy, Minister within the office of the Prime Minister.

Khan was appointed to the position shortly after the Coalition APNU+AFC took office in 2015.

When his contract was being renewed in September 2018, then Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo had recommended a salary of $800,000 but the Minister of State Joseph Harmon did not approve it. Instead, Harmon told the Prime Minister that the upper ceiling for persons with the designation of Director is $701, 767 and that is what was being approved for Khan.

So, Khan’s contract was renewed with a salary of $701, 767, but he then received a duty allowance of $100, 000 and lived in government housing for which he had 24-hour security and his electricity, water, landline and mobile phone bills, along with internet service, were all paid for.

He also received a duty-free allowance to buy a vehicle for official duties. Further, his vacation days amounted to 42 days and he was also granted a vacation allowance of a month’s salary.

Efforts made to contact Khan by the News Room proved futile.

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  1. Matthew says

    he needed the money to sponsor the victory party on Lamaha Street. You know the one….where de professor was whinin pon de union dude.

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