NCN’s CEO Enrico Woolford’s contract terminated


The contract of Enrico Woolford, the Chief Executive Officer of state TV and radio NCN, has been terminated.

This has been confirmed by Minister within the office of the Prime Minister Kwame McCoy.

Woolford was formally appointed Chair of the Board of NCN but was later made its executive chairman after the then CEO Lenox Cornette resigned in December 2017.

Woolford was paid a salary of $800,000, a duty allowance of $40,000, a travelling allowance of $80,000, an entertainment allowance of $40,000, a housing allowance of $50,000, a security allowance of $30,000, a refreshment allowance of $10,000 (for his office).

In addition, he received a gratuity of 22.5% on his salary twice a year. He further received a one-month vacation with a vacation allowance of a month’s salary.

His cellphone bill was also paid up to $15,000, while his local landline calls were all paid for together with his internet bill.

Efforts made to contact Woolford by the News Room proved futile.

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  1. Matthew says

    /Well……they all supported the rigging crew and had the rigging been successful they would still be partying and celebrating their new ‘raises’ and ‘contracts’……..karma.

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