Mahaicony man stabbed to death with broken bottle


The Police are investigating the murder of 27-year-old Andy Mohammed known as ‘Randy’ or ‘Gaza’ who was stabbed in his neck with a broken bottle by a man who threatened him earlier last week.

Mohammed of New Providence, Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara, was at a shop in Perth, Mahaicony at around 19:30h Saturday buying a milkshake when the suspect, identified as ‘Marlon’ attacked him.

The News Room understands that the suspect grabbed Mohammed from behind, broke the bottle on his head and stabbed him in his neck; the suspect escaped when the victim collapsed.

Mohammed was rushed to the Mahaicony Hospital where he died at around 20:45h. Mohammed worked as a labourer and a taxi driver.

It is believed that the attack stemmed from an incident which occurred on Wednesday last between Mohammed, the suspect and a young female.

The victim was at this shop buying a milkshake when he was murdered [Photo: News Room]
Ganesh Bhagwandin, a friend of Mohammed, told the News Room that it was only on Saturday morning that Mohammed expressed fear for his life and noted that ‘Marlon’ continued to threaten him.

According to Bhagwandin, while working taxi, a young lady offered to pay Mohammed $600 for a drop from the head of Branch Road, Mahaicony Village to Perth Village.

‘Marlon’, who was standing next to her, insisted that the drop is only $200 but the young lady insisted she would pay $600. As such, Mohammed said he would drop her for free in order to avoid an issue.

The following day, ‘Marlon’ saw Mohammed, banged on his vehicle, threatened him and showed him a warning sign with his finger.

Meanwhile, family members and neighbours expressed shock at the murder.

They described Mohammed as a kind, honest and hardworking person.

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