Carl Greenidge named Advisor on Borders


Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Greenidge will take up the role of Advisor on Borders at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Greenidge, who was forced to resign as a Minister in May 2019 because of holding dual citizenship, was retained by the APNU+AFC government as Foreign Secretary.

With the change to the PPP government, Greenidge was retained to continue his work in defending Guyana at the International Court of Justice on the border case to settle the controversy in which Venezuela claims that the 1899 arbitral award which settled the boundaries of the two countries is null and void.

But there was uncertainty about his role.

But the News Room has confirmed that Greenidge has been offered the role of Advisor on Borders.

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  1. Matthew says

    With you sit and talk with Carl Greenidge, you immediately sense a “gentleman” . this is ever so important in foreign relations. Modesty and class. Good move on the PPP part, I hope the man stays involved in the development of Guyana.

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