First Lady invites ‘Seawall hero’ Carl Melville to State House


First Lady of Guyana, Arya Ali on Monday afternoon invited citizen, Carl Melville, to State House – the official residence of the First Family.

Another citizen, Don Singh, who was also present at the meeting, had reported on social media that because of the difficulties posed by COVID-19 and other factors, Carl lost his job and was left homeless. He subsequently found himself living and sleeping on the seawall in Georgetown.

Rather than spending time pitying himself or engaging in unproductive activities, Carl embarked on a humanitarian mission to clean the entire stretch of the seawall; from the bandstand to the Marriott Hotel, every day without expecting a reward.

Thanks to the efforts of other concerned citizens, Carl secured a job, a place to stay, and is given time off by his employer to continue his clean-up exercise daily.

The First Lady was moved by Carl’s story and wanted to commend him personally, and to contribute, in a practical way, to his ongoing efforts.  

For the First Lady, Carl’s spirit and determination, and that of the citizens who reached out to him, is a manifestation of what this beautiful country can truly accomplish if we all work together.

Over the next five years, the First Lady plans to champion, among other initiatives, a Scenic Conservation Project which will help to safeguard the scenic qualities of Guyana’s roadways, urban spaces, and countryside, while simultaneously creating a more environmentally-friendly society.

The First Lady believes that scenic revitalisation can serve to encourage, and fast-track, community renewal and reinvestment as part of a larger economic development plan.

Such an endeavour will require the support of all citizens, and the First Lady looks forward to all Guyanese demonstrating the spirit showed by Carl, and those passionate about cleaning up Guyana, as we work together, to preserve and enhance the beauty of Our Home – Our Guyana. (Department of Public Information)

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