Kamla concedes elections loss in Trinidad


Kamla-Persad Bissessar of the United National Congress has conceded a loss in Trinidad’s elections.

“After some days of reflection and monitoring of the progress of the election recount process, I am satisfied that the people have spoken and that Dr. Rowley and his party shall form the new Government of Trinidad and Tobago.

“I congratulate them and wish them the best,” she said in a statement.

Persad-Bisessar said she was disappointed and accepted “full responsibility for the result.”

She said pointed to Trinidad’s adversarial political system and said “now is the time for reconciliation and healing among our people.”

She said that some observers have been raising questions about her political future and some are keen to see her exit the political landscape.

“This is understandable as I have myself queried whether I should resign. This is not an easy job.

“You must accept responsibility for mistakes made whether you were aware of them or not, whether you had any control over them or not.

“And yes, some of them you make on your own – I lay no claim to infallibility. I accept full responsibility.

“Having consulted with my colleagues, it is clear that running away is not an option at this point in time.”

  1. Mahabir Singh says

    She have down her best but it time to reflect build the party up and make new changes and have a leadership convention for a new leader. It is done all over the world. One win two loses is enough for you to make a decision of passing the torch on and let the best candidate go through a process of been nominated the hate and dislike is not make great leaders. She must leave in grace it is too bad Panday did not do that but he did it his way kicked out of the party he made but let us unite as the only way to beat an invincible PNM that was never beaten by the PNM only joined parties were able to do so. Getting more people aboard and broaden the party the voters.

  2. Matthew says

    What a bunch of nonsense…..she could have hired Lampy & Pampy, Lolo ‘n Mango ……’n hung on for months making a complete and utter fool of herself, her party and her Country.

    Congratulations to the losing side for losing with grace. There is always a winner and a loser.

  3. Stephen Monohar Kangal says

    What about giving someone else a chance to do what you were incapable of achieving after so many losses. The empirical and experiential date is overwhelming that the electorate does not believe that you can steer the ship of T&T any longer and you are overstaying your stay like Basdeo Panday and punishing us South of the Caroni River with total neglect and marginalisation as well as every possible variety of insults and and disgraceful accusations from the PNM base. You must appreciate that your voice no longer resonates in T&T because it has become weak and unconvincing. Great us a break and let us find someone more capable of prosecuting out interests because you are just no longer up to the task facing an opponent who taken over the media as its mouth-piece for all kinds odf most embarrassing diatribes and misrepresentation. Even after August 10 you abdicated your role and allowed Rowley to control, dominate and distort the political narrative much to our collective embarrassment and chagrin.

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