Private sector minimum wage under review for increase


In 2019, the National Tripartite Committee (NTC) that is tasked with a number of labour related matters between the government and business sector proposed a $60,000 minimum increase in wages for the private sector.

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton on Monday revealed that this proposal will be reviewed in a few weeks and hopefully be implemented.

There has been no increase in the minimum wage of $44,200 since 2017. The then Ministry of Social Protection in 2017 increased the minimum wage from $35,000.

Minister Hamilton stated that the Committee met once last year.

“Therefore I have instructed the Chief Labour Officer to urgently have that meeting convene so that the proposal they have on the table about raising of the minimum wage in the private sector, can be dealt with and implemented,” the Minister said.

However, the Minister explained that the private sector in a recent meeting have already raised the issue of the COVID-19 pandemic on the sector.

Minister Hamilton further said when the Committee meets in the next two weeks discussions will be done on going forward and how best to keep the agreement on the proposed increase from last year.

The Minister further highlighted that no one should be working for under the minimum wage.

“Anyone who at this moment are paying people under the minimum wage are breaking the law and there are penalties within the Labour Law that we can utilize to address those matters.”

Assurance was given that the outcome of the meeting with the Committee will be publicized.

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