Q&A: Brandon King talks CPL 2020


Brandon King is looking to replicate his outstanding efforts of 2019 when he lit up the Hero Caribbean Premier League and played a huge part in Guyana Amazon Warriors coasting to a tournament-record 11 consecutive wins.

Last season, the Jamaican right-hander chalked up a tournament-leading 496 runs in 12 innings at a strike rate of nearly 150. King is hoping his exploits on the field can aid an off-field project. He plans to donate cash to charity for every six he hits in CPL 2020.

He spoke to News Room’s Avenash Ramzan recently.

Avenash Ramzan (AR): Talk to us about the sixes for charity initiative and what prompted you to pursue such

Brandon King (BK): Well it’s something that’s been on my mind while stuck at home in Jamaica during the corona lockdown period. I saw how much it affected communities in Jamaica and could only imagine how bad it was elsewhere.

So my management team and I decided to come up with an initiative that could promote the game and give back to the communities in both Jamaica and Guyana to help out. I’ve always said that as athletes we have a platform to make changes in society and I hope that this initiative does indeed make a change.

AR: Explain being in lockdown over the last few weeks and how that experience has been

BK: It’s been a great experience. The CPL organisers have to be commended for their efforts to get the tournament going. I’ve been working on my fitness and watching tapes of myself to identify areas of improvement.

At times it does get a bit testy on your mental health but that’s where having friends and family on standby really helps. It’s actually made me more eager and excited to get out there and play.

AR: What did you do differently last year that allowed you to be that prolific? 

BK: Last year I focused on playing with a clear mind and living with the results, whatever that would be. I’ve worked hard on improving my game but the mental side of things allowed me execute my plans much easier. I took the pressure off myself and played my natural game.

AR: Personal goals for this year

BK: No real personal goals outside of remaining consistent with my performances. My focus will always be on helping the Amazon Warriors get over the hump and win the CPL. Would love to replicate/do better than last year’s performances, but the aim is to lift the trophy with my team.

AR: Your thoughts on Guyana Amazon Warriors chances this season 

BK: We retained most of our core group players from last year and I thought that was important. The team has always been well balanced in all phases of the game. This year we just to have finish off our hard work if we get into the finals again.

AR: Expectations of playing without crowds

BK: Playing without crowds is something that will be strange for the CPL. All the players, including myself, love to see big crowds coming out to watch us play but I don’t think it will change much.

Crowds do help to add another element of pressure to the game so it will be very interesting playing the Biggest Party in Sport without the energetic crowd.

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