Reg. 5 implements rigorous plans to prevent spread of COVID-19


Three days after recording its first confirmed COVID-19 case, the authorities in Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice) will be implementing more stringent measures to prevent the spread.

The authorities have already embarked on a rigorous contact tracing campaign of the first patient and the Police will arrest anyone who breaches the COVID-19 measures in the region.

Region Five is the last region in the country to have recorded a positive COVID-19 case. The patient, a 66-year-old female was scheduled to travel overseas and did a COVID-19 test which came back positive.

Regional Health Officer Dr Desmond Nicholson during a virtual press conference on Wednesday said all persons who came into contact with the patient were placed under quarantine.

As a result, three rapid response teams have also been established in the region.

Other representatives from the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), Guyana Police Force, the Region Five Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Health and the Mahaica/Mahaicony Abary Agricultural Development Authority also attended the press conference.

“I believe that as a region we have been doing our best to firstly prevent and secondly contain or mitigate any spread of COVID-19 within region five,” the Regional Health Officer said.  

Deputy Police Commander in Region 5, Yonette Stephen said persons will be prosecuted for breaking the COVID-19 measures.

“We are continuing our enforcement because persons will be arrested and persons will be prosecuted, there should be no gathering at beaches and seawalls,” the Deputy Commander said.

Public transportation must have the required amount of passengers and passengers must also be sanitized before entering the vehicles.

A Ministry of Health representative, Dr Vishwa Mahadeo, said that in the meantime samples are being taken in the region, including from those who may have come into contact with persons who tested positive. Dr Mahadeo said only a maximum of 96 tests can be done per day but assured that testing kits will be sent to the Region along with more Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

“We are training more people and we are trying to procure more equipment so we can be able to do more tests per day,” Dr Mahadeo said.

Meanwhile, it was also noted that GuySuCo continues to follow all the COVID-19 guidelines to protect the over 2000 sugar workers and other staff at the Blairmont and Albion Estates.

Persons are being encouraged to wear a face mask at all times and contact hotline numbers 624-2000, 624-9000, 640-3000 if they experience any signs or symptoms of COVID-19.



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