Canadian youth killed over disputed rice lands, mastermind arrested


Police have arrested the alleged mastermind identified as ‘Brickhead’ in the murder of 23-year-old Nicholas Ramkissoon Jaipaul whose burnt remains were found in a clump of bushes a short distance off the Moleson Creek Public Road on Thursday morning.

Jaipaul was staying with his 86-year-old grandfather at Lot 42 Section B, Number 69 Village, Corentyne Berbice; he disappeared from the house sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning.

The News Room understands that the young man was murdered as revenge against his grandfather who has an ongoing court matter over rice lands with ‘Brickhead’ who is a rice farmer.

Following Jaipaul’s disappearance, the Police arrested two maids who work at the house and one of their sons.

It was that young man who told investigators that his brother was involved in the plot to kill the 23-year-old.

Dead: 23-year-old Nicholas Ramkissoon Jaipaul

The brother whose name was not provided was arrested on Wednesday after Police tracked his phone.  He confessed to the murder and led the Police to the crime scene.

The suspect told investigators that he was hired to abduct and kill the young man on the behest of “Brickhead.”

Reports indicate that the plan to kill the young man was ongoing for some time since the alleged murderer befriended the young man and was seen at the home earlier in the day before Jaipaul was abducted.

The suspect is also accused of killing his step-father several years ago.  The 86-year-old grandfather with whom Jaipaul was staying is a former rice miller who owns several plots of rice fields.

The remains of Jaipaul were burnt beyond recognition, but a relative was able to confirm his identity based on a surgery he did but Police Commander Calvin Brutus said a DNA test will be conducted to verify the identity.

Government Pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh performed an on the scene autopsy.

Jaipal resided in Ontario, Canada, but was on holiday in Guyana since January; he was due to return in May but as a result of the travel restrictions and the closure of the airports to curb the spread of COVID-19, he was unable to leave.

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  1. Matthew says

    A “Mastermind” called “Brickhead”. Irony.

    What a stupid, stupid senseless murder.

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