Man stabbed after complaining about loud music at neighbour’s party


A 53-year-old man is now a patient at the New Amsterdam Hospital after he was stabbed for complaining about a party next door that went past midnight Tuesday at Sister’s Village, East Bank Berbcie.

The injured man has been identified as Gordon Sam, a driver who works the David Granger buses which transport health workers.

According to Sam, a neighbour held a birthday party on Tuesday evening and the music was loud and was disturbing his rest. He went over twice to ask that the volume be lowered.

He explained that on each occasion the music was turned down while he was at the house, but by the time he was back over at his house the music was turned back up.

Meanwhile, recognizing the disturbance to his father, the man’s son went over a third time and asked that the host consider that his father has to go to work the following morning.

However, several persons at the party surrounded the young man, assaulted him and pushed him into the trench.

Upon hearing the commotion Mr Sam ventured to investigate when he was attacked and stabbed.

The injured man reportedly clutched his wound and drove himself to New Amsterdam Hospital where he was admitted a patient.

An investigation has been launched.

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