Millions in losses in Sheriff St. fire; API owner begins rebuilding


By Isanella Patoir

One day after a huge fire destroyed two businesses on Sheriff Street – De Sinco Trading and Associated Packers Industry (API) – the owner for API, has already commenced the process of rebuilding.

API owner Mahendra Jaikaran estimates his losses to be over $70M.

API is a packaging and distribution company that was established in 2007; it employs 37 persons.

“The rebuilding process starts today.

“The stocks were insured, the building was insured as well but I am sure we weren’t insured for full value so obviously we will have a loss looming,” Jaikaran said.

Jaikaran told the News Room at the scene on Thursday that the fire was under control at first but the Guyana Fire Service ran out of water which led to the fire spreading rapidly.

API Owner, Mahendra Jaikarran

A building owned by De Sinco’s Trading and everything inside was also destroyed in the fire. The fire started just after 13:00h on Wednesday.

“When the fire started I wasn’t on the premises and by time I reach the building was engulfed in smoke and the two fire trucks had the fire under control.

“But I understand they had 450 gallons of water in the tanks and they ran out of water and they attempted to get water from the hydrants,” Jaikaran said.

The huge fire on Wednesday destroyed two businesses (Sharda Bacchus Photo)

Fire fighters were still trying to extinguish the fire on Thursday. An excavator was also being used to remove the debris from the building.

Managing Director for API, Marissa Bujan had told the News Room that they were inside the building when a handy man raised an alarm and all of the employees managed to escape from the building unharmed.

The Guyana Fire Service continues to investigate the cause of the fire.



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