Sport Minister, Powerlifting Federation discuss advancement of sport


Minister of Youth Culture and Sport, Charles Ramson Jr, has expressed a desire to assist the Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation (GAPF) to develop the sport.

The Minister met with officials of the Federation recently at the National Racquet Centre. Representing the GAPF were Runita White, Public Relations Officer, and Erwyn Smith, Committee Member.

Ramson Jr. expressed a commitment to working in partnership with the GAPF and framed the principles for engagement and further stated that it was not his objective to interfere with the way in which the GAPF operates.

He committed to meeting on an ongoing basis to assist the advancement of the organisation’s goals and indicated that a primary objective for all of the associations is to showcase Guyanese talent through national engagement.

The Minister explained it would be the first of many meetings to discuss the growth of the sport and wants to ensure that the Federation is not discontented with the works of the Ministry.

According to release from the GAPF, they are pleased to work alongside the Ministry in order to help with the development of the sport.

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