Granger condemns ‘orchestrated political attack’ against Chris Jones


See below full statement issued by Leader of the PNCR David Granger:

Violation of the rights and freedom of Christopher Jones

I take this opportunity to strongly condemn the recent unwarranted and unlawful deprivation of the rights and freedom of Mr. Christopher Jones.

As leader of the PNCR and representative of the list from which Christopher Jones was recently extracted to be a Member of Parliament, I call for an immediate end to this season of politically inspired harassment by the PPP.

The actions of ranks of the Guyana Police Force, who blatantly disregarded an order of the court and unlawfully entered the premises of Mr. Christopher Jones; arrested him and illegally seized personal property, must be stoutly condemned and immediately investigated.

The PNCR will not allow this type of harassment of former public servants or any citizen by agents of the state to stand.  The PNCR calls on all Guyanese to join us to strongly condemn this abuse of state power and the persecution of an innocent man.

The PNCR calls for an immediate cessation of harassment and politically inspired ‘witch-hunting’ of current and former public servants.

The PNCR stands firmly with Mr. Christopher Jones and will do everything to ensure that his rights and freedom are no longer violated.

The PNCR demands an immediate investigation into what is clearly a well-coordinated and orchestrated political attack.


Brigadier David Grange, MSS, MSM

Leader of the PNCR

Friday 21st August 2020

  1. Xhrp2wkb1 says

    Granger didn’t condemn the orchestrated witch hunt when Jagdeo, Luncheon and other top PPP leaders were unceremoniously, publicly and embarrassingly hauled away to SOCU.

    He didn’t condemn the orders to aggressively trail and surveil PPP leaders and their wives that sadly resulted in the deaths of Sgt Pyle, his wife and a truck driver. Granger was like a mumu then. Now the Sanctimonious Gangster is offended. Lol.

    Sancti G, don’t be offended. Lampy will have his day in court.

  2. Matthew says

    First of all I would like to thank the two men in the photo for their orchestrated and co-ordinated attempt at rigging the elections over a period of time when we should have fighting GOVID as a unified force. Had the PNC been successful in the rig we would have seen the Regions largest barbershop built and owned by Lampy and apparently all paid for by the taxpayer of Guyana. Pampy was not involved as he has no hair and did not stand to benefit from a barber shop.

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