Virtual seminar for boxing coaches set for September


The Chairman of the Caribbean Steering Committee for Boxing, Steve Ninvalle, has organised a Virtual seminar for coaches to be conducted on September 20. The seminar will be conducted by respected chairman of the AIBA Referees/Judges Commission, American Ray Silvas.

Ninvalle explained that Silvas will work with Caribbean coaches to update them on what Referees and Judges look for during fights.

“We think it is important for our coaches to be equipped with the knowledge of how Judges score fights and what are considered infringements by the referee. Many coaches are not fully aware of some of these rules which can result in an “unconscious” defeat of our boxers,” Ninvalle said.

This is the third such seminar to be organised by Ninvalle in a short span of time.

Just last weekend, Silvas completed a two-day seminar for Referees/Judges from the English-speaking Caribbean, Haiti, Curacao and Suriname. Over 150 officials participated in the event, which marked the largest gathering of Caribbean referees and judges ever.

In July, Ninvalle, who is also Vice-President of the 43-nation Americas Boxing Confederation, organised a Virtual seminar for coaches in the English-speaking Caribbean, which was conducted by Puerto Rican Jose Lauren. Eighty officials from the Caribbean participated.

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