Cubans busted after entering Guyana illegally


Eleven Cuban nationals were arrested on Friday night at two different locations in Region 6, East Berbice Corentyne after they entered Guyana illegally.

Nine of the nationals were intercepted at the Berbice River Bridge while two others were arrested in the Number 63 beach area on the Corentyne.

The News Room understands that an intelligence-led operation by a senior officer resulted in the interception of the route 40 minibus bearing number plate BSS 8772.

The vehicle was stopped and searched when the nine Cubans were discovered along with the driver and the conductor.

They told the Police that they are “missionaries” travelling to provide religious messages and support to health workers.

The Police later made another interception, this time at the Number 63 Beach where two more Cuban nationals were arrested moments after they landed illegally.

All 11 of the nationals were taken into a quarantine facility in Region Four.

Recently, approximately 13 Cubans who arrived in Guyana via the backtrack route from Suriname were tested for COVID-19 and five of them were positive.

The Police have been working continuously to patrol the various illegal ports.

Commander of ‘B’ Division Calvin Brutus has made a passionate plea to boat operators to look beyond the “profits” and to think about their safety and that of their families as the new Coronavirus continues to spread rapidly here.

Guyana’s borders have been closed since March in an effort to curb the spread of the deadly virus.

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