Local Referees/Judges certified after Virtual seminar


Five local Referees/Judges who participated in the historic two-day seminar for Caribbean officials, were presented with certificates on Saturday.

The certificates were presented by Americas Boxing Confederation (AMBC) Vice-President Steve Ninvalle who organised the seminar.

Over 150 officials from the English Speaking Caribbean, Curacao, Haiti and Suriname participated.

Guyana was represented by AIBA One Stars Lawrence Assanah and Richard Braithwaite and Elton Chase, Guyana’s first and only AIBA certified International Technical Officer (ITO). Jermaine Craig, Shenice Agard and Colin Rodney made up the rest of the local team.

Meanwhile, Ninvalle, the Chairman of the Caribbean Steering Committee for Boxing, has organised a Virtual seminar for coaches to be conducted on September 20. The seminar will be conducted by respected chairman of the AIBA Referees/Judges Commission, American Ray Silvas.

Ninvalle explained that Silvas will work with Caribbean coaches to update them on what Referees and Judges look for during fights.

In July, Ninvalle, who is also Vice-President of the 43-nation Americas Boxing Confederation, organised a Virtual seminar for coaches in the English-speaking Caribbean, which was conducted by Puerto Rican Jose Lauren. Eighty officials from the Caribbean participated.

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