Nandlall buys new law books for the State; says his helped to put APNU+AFC out of office


The law books which Anil Nandlall was charged for in 2017 is what he relied on to unseat the APNU+AFC administration from office, the new Attorney General (AG) and Minister of Legal Affairs has said.

On Saturday, Nandlall hosted a virtual press conference where he addressed the matter and displayed 14 of the same law books which he said he bought to donate to the State.

In 2017, Nandlall was charged with larceny by the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) upon the advice of then AG Basil Williams even though the 2016 Auditor General report had exonerated him.

It was alleged that between May 8, 2015, and May 29, 2015, having 14 law reports, valued at $2,313,853 and property of the Ministry of Legal Affairs, Nandlall fraudulently took or converted the law books to his own use and benefit.

Then in opposition, Nandlall had maintained that the books were his since it was negotiated for in his contract with the Government of Guyana while he served as the country’s AG between 2011 and 2015 in the Donald Ramotar administration.

“I told SOCU it wasn’t a matter of the books, it was a matter of principle. It was my property,” he said, noting that he even informed SOCU that if the State was in need of those law books, he was willing to donate new ones.

Nandlall then went ahead and ordered the exact 14 books and offered it to the Ministry of Legal Affairs, or any other State agency that was in need.

But those books were never accepted, leaving many to believe that the charge was politically motivated.

“I purchased the 14 books and will donate to the State. They refused to accept it and proceeded to charge me for larceny. It was a matter of principle. I could have gone to jail for my property. Whichever arm of the State needs it, I will donate it,” the AG said while holding one of the new books on Saturday.

He also made it clear that even though he has reassumed the position of AG and Minister of Legal Affairs, he will not in any way interfere in the matter which is still before the court.

“The charges are still pending and we will have to see how that proceeds. I will not use my influence as Minister to interfere,” he noted.

He also took aim at the APNU+AFC coalition saying that those very books, for which they instituted charges, were instrumental in unseating them from office.

“Those very books I was charged for, was very instrumental in helping us to remove them from office. Those books served their very purpose to putting them out of office,” Nandlall said.

A number of cases cited in those books emerged during the legal battles which followed the March 2, 2020, General and Regional Elections.

  1. Xhrp2wkb1 says

    Hee Hee! Great move, Anil. Show Basil and the rest of the Sanctimonious Gang how people with dignity and integrity operate.

  2. Matthew says

    Basil was a lil lost without de books……lol

    As for the rest of the “Coalition” legal team…looks like they made their money off the taxpayers of Guyana. So we paid for the bare Sk______ts to try their rig.

  3. Don Gomes says

    Ha ha ha! Law Books.Lawyers .Law got nuff interpretations.Lawyers put a spin on the case a
    nd hope to get pass the judge.ow de Judge.Now apnu/afc fall in their own trap.

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