CIOG pledges $5M to Guyana’s COVID-19 response


The Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG) has donated $5M to Guyana’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Health Minister Dr. Frank Anthony expressed gratitude to the Muslim organisation and noted that the money will be used to purchase Personal Protective Equipment for frontline workers.

“…every day the different hospitals and health centers are asking for PPE –masks, gowns and so forth –so this will go a long way in helping us in meeting some of these urgent needs,” the Minister noted.

The CIOG will also be assisting with masks from a donor in the Middle East and the Minister said the Government will expedite the clearing of the shipment when it arrives.

Dr. Anthony updated the CIOG on the Government’s move to increase testing and the need which exists in the sector.

“We have been trying our best with the resources at our disposal…and so your donation here this afternoon is very significant,” he said.

Director of Education and Dawah at CIOG Moeenul Hack said the organisation is impressed with the Government’s stance on fighting the COVID-19 and the roadmap outlined to tackle the pandemic.

As such, he said that is the reason for its donation.

Deputy President Goolzar Namdar said the organisation has always been there to assist when called upon.

“Whenever there are calamities in Guyana, we’re always there to assist,” he said.

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