Nismes resident tied up, robbed at gunpoint of $4.4 million


Police are investigating the armed robbery committed on a Nismes, West Bank Demerara resident on Monday night.

Police Headquarters revealed that the two bandits covered the victim’s head with a jersey and tied his feet and hands to the back as they assaulted him and demanded the money.

According to the Police report, the victim is “Detector Operator” in the Chi Chi Backdam, Upper Mazaruni River; he returned to Nismes about two months ago with $4.4 million which he kept at home.

It is alleged that at around 22:30h Monday, the victim was lying on a chair in the living room watching television when he fell asleep and at about 23:50h, he woke up and saw one of the suspects with what appeared to be a “nickle handgun” pointed at him.

The suspect told the victim not to move, to keep quiet and asked him to hand over the money. He then ordered him to lie face down.

The victim claimed that as he was about to turn his face down, the second suspect whose face was covered with white cloth and was also armed with a black handgun entered the living room and placed a jersey on his head, tied his feet and hands to the back.

“The victim further reported that after constant demand and threats with the handgun for the money he became fearful for his life and pointed to the location where the money was kept,” Police noted in a statement.

The suspects escaped in a waiting car.

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